About me


I am an illustrator and mixed media artist. I started painting when I was a young man, preferring  watercolor, 35 years later, I have found a different way to do watercolor, I discovered digital programs for painting watercolors and oils. I read everything I could find. I took workshops and classes at the Digital Art Academy and have been hooked ever since. This last year I've been trying to find my own style, and trying different ways of achieving that.

I love working from photographs that catch my eye and then creating a one-of-a-kind art work.  I am a fine art illustrator and a watercolorists, I have incorporated my art skills into what I call digital mixed-media.

My illustrations grace numerous publications, in addition to exhibiting my paintings at local galleries. Many of my paintings are in private collections. I earned a degree of Arts in illustration from the Washington School of Art in Los Angeles, CA, as well as a degree in business from Whitwerth College in Spokane, WA. I also received a web certification from Northern Virginia College.

I am originally from Ogden, Utah. I spent most of my life in the west (Utah) and Pacific Northwest (Spokane, WA). I have a great love of history, travel, nature and the great outdoors. You will see all of these elements influence my paintings and illustrations


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